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The Joys of July

Today is July 3rd and I feel ready to add more words to your world. Let us think about the power of words, since we are constantly using them and how they can connect, divide, strengthen or break down the barriers of trust. All humans and systems need words to communicate, inspire, lead and teachContinue reading “The Joys of July”

Quarantine Goals and Prayer

Throughout this summer, several thoughts have crossed my mind with the Holy Spirit inspiring my actions, words, and life mission with others and ever-abounding love. As a committed and active Catholic, I see it as my call in our various paths and relationships to model love, regardless of the expression this takes form in. ForContinue reading “Quarantine Goals and Prayer”

Almost June 🙂

Now another month’s nearly over, I thought it was time to report out and say “God is SO GOOD!” Recently, life is becoming more intentional, truthful, beautiful, meaningful and positive in new ways we never could have predicted. Even as the rest of the world seems to be stuck in panic, fear, doubt and uncertaintyContinue reading “Almost June :)”

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